Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ Library - a New Tool for Adsorbent Screening and Selection

March 30, 2017 Andy Davies

In response to a growing demand for rapid bioprocess development tools, Prometic has launched a new, easy to screen, library of multi-mode Mimetic Ligand™ adsorbents, to facilitate rapid ligand selection and process development. The library is conveniently packed in a 96-microcolumn block format, and divided into different sections according to the primary properties of the ligands, allowing for easy selection of binding and elution conditions.

The plate format provides significant flexibility, with screening performed using a hand-held pipette or a robotic workstation. The plate can also be used to test different elution conditions and cleaning regimes.

The figure above shows the elution profiles of human plasma proteins from a selection of the adsorbents situated in different zones. One can see the marked differences in protein profiles, indicating different modes of action, and different binding selectivities. Bands corresponding to major plasma proteins are highlighted.

After plate screening, a heat map can be created for the ligands that display good capture, good recovery, or other measurable characteristics. The figure below shows the heat map obtained for albumin binding from human plasma.

Positive adsorbent hits can be ordered in a range of different formats (slurry, small packed columns) for further screening and development work.

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