Serine Proteases

Prometic's p-ABA adsorbent is designed for the removal of serine proteases.

  • p-Aminobenzamidine Brochure

    p-Aminobenzamidine Brochure

    p-Aminobenzamidine Agarose 6XL is an affinity adsorbent for purification of serine proteases & esterases such as trypsin, thrombin, kallikrein, urokinase, acetyl cholinesterase & alkaline phosphatase.

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  • p-Aminobenzamidine Agarose 6XL Adsorbent

    p-Aminobenzamidine Agarose 6XL Adsorbent

    Instructions for p-Aminobenzamidine Agarose 6XL adsorbent, used for the purification of serine proteases.

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