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  • MultiMode Mimetic Ligand Library16:07

    MultiMode Mimetic Ligand Library

    This webinar presentation covers the trend towards using Multi-Mode Affinity chromatography and the approach Prometic Bioseparations has taken launching the Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand Library.

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  • Prometic Bioseparations7:22

    Prometic Bioseparations

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  • Prometic Bioseparations - A Company Presentation3:46

    Prometic Bioseparations - A Company Presentation

    Learn about Prometic Bioseparations and what we offer in terms of products and services for the purification of biotherapeutics.

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  • Evolve Column Refresh Kit Demo4:57

    Evolve Column Refresh Kit Demo

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  • Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand Library3:23

    Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand Library

    Learn how Prometic's Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand Library can help you rapidly screen a range of 96 Affinity adsorbents, to determine which would give you the best purification of target protein.

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  • Evolve Process Columns4:27

    Evolve Process Columns

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  • Single Campaign Systems for DSP Video Presentation_Vimeo8:56

    Single Campaign Systems for DSP Video Presentation_Vimeo

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  • Screening Presentation9:02

    Screening Presentation

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  • Multi-mode Mimetic Ligand Library5:23

    Multi-mode Mimetic Ligand Library

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  • AlbuPure® Presentation7:04

    AlbuPure® Presentation

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