Pierre's "Thank You" Message

November 7, 2017

Meet Pierre Laurin, CEO of Prometic Life Sciences Inc. Learn more about Plasminogen Deficiency Awareness Week at plgdweek.com

Good day everyone, I am Pierre Laurin, the founder and CEO of Prometic. At Prometic we are passionate about developing solutions for unmet medical needs and rare disease/orphan disease, we are passionate about finding solutions and developing drugs that could address those issues.

I hope you enjoyed the activities, and really these event and resources were developed specifically for the plasminogen deficiency awareness program and i encourage everyone to complete the online survey providing us with a lot of valuable information so that we can actually do an even better event next year.

I'd like to thank the advocacy organisations and patient associations that were there to support and made it possible to have this plasminogen deficiency awareness week and more importantly really to thank the patients, the caregivers that were there to share their stories, to share their experience and the journey through their plasminogen deficiency.

By sharing these personal experiences we learn and gain strength and support from each other. Sharing is truly part of healing so i really hope that you will participate in next year's plasminogen deficiency awareness week.

Thank you.

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